Suzhou Dazen Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known elevator manufacturer and elevator parts full solution provider.

DazenTech Plant

We develop a strong research and technical team from Otis and Kone. We have 6 m/s high speed testing tower and more than 5,000 set elevator production capacity. We do not only provide high competitive elevator and parts but also guarantee the best strength protection for elevator safety.

Powerful production system and high level technical team make us build a complete product series, which include Passenger elevator, Home elevator, Cargo elevator, Hospital elevator, Glass Elevator, Escalator and all kinds of Elevator components. We take quality management as the foundation of our company and our products are qualified with ISO9001-2000, ISO14000, CE certification, etc. Powerful service internet and installation team makes us build strong relationships with customers from Europe, Middle East, South America and South East Asia. We completed lots of projects both in domestic and overseas that earned high respect from our customers.


Our mission is to be the best elevator solution provider in both elevator and elevator parts field, and to be the best technical support provider and marketing guide. Let’s create a stronger Future together!

Customization IconCustomization
We are very good at fabricating small shaft and can build an elevator according to your building requirements.

Strong Theme IconStrong Team
We have a strong research and technical team from Otis, Kone and have the best electricians.

Low Cost Maintenance IconLow Cost Maintenance
All our Elevator parts are famous brand which you can buy easily from the market. In this way, you can save Maintenance cost for your elevator and escalator as compared to others.

Quality Assurance IconQuality Assurance
2 years long Free Guarantee offered for Elevator and one year for Elevator parts.

After Sales Service IconAfter Sales Service
We have established relationship with local installation and after service so no need to worry about installation and after service.

Certification IconCertification
All main parts use famous brands with EN 81 certification, which means tested by high level technical people.


Dazen Elevator can build any customized elevator, escalator and related products due to our expert associates and World Class Manufacturing Facility and System.