Elevator Safety Knowledge

1. In the event of a fall, the first thing is to fix your own body. When such an impact occurs, it will not cause a fall due to an unstable center of gravity. The second is the use of elevator walls as a protection for the spine and close to the walls, which can play a protective role.escalator company Most importantly, knee bending can be used to withstand heavy blow pressure. This is because ligaments are the only tissues in the body that are rich in elasticity and are more able to withstand stress than bones. Therefore, the back is close to the inner wall of the elevator, the knees are bent, and the protection of the toes is correct.

2. In the case of elevators, the car of the elevator will run down and miss the first floor leveling position until all the control systems fail. This kind of situation rarely occurs, but once the consequences are very serious, the huge inertia will probably lead to life-threatening fractures of the passengers. In fact, if the elevator suddenly drops rapidly during the descent, the safety protection device of the elevator will stop the elevator. It is worth noting that the distance from the start of the elevator to the stop of the elevator is related to the load of the elevator, so the elevator must not be overloaded.

3. Self-rescue measures trapped in the elevator. After the emergency stop operation, the elevator has several sets of reliable protective devices to protect the safety of the passengers, without worrying that it will continue to fall down. There are many reasons for sudden stoppages. Before you know the reasons, any behavior that you try to escape is a risky move. When you have just been trapped, if there is no alarm call in the elevator, you can scream at the door or knock on the door with your shoes. If you are trapped for a long time, the safest thing to do is to stay calm, save your strength, and wait for help.

4. How should elevator management personnel rescue trapped people? When an elevator accident occurs, the elevator manager contacts the trapped passenger by telephone or by shouting. Be sure to keep it calm and wait patiently for the assistance of the maintenance staff. When the car is far away from the elevator landing, it enters the engine room to turn off the elevator power switch, installs the disc rider wheel on the elevator shaft, one person tries hard to hold the disc rider’s wheel, and the other person holds the brake release lever and gently opens the brake. Pay attention to the leveling sign and move the car to the nearest hall door. When it is confirmed that the brake is correct, use the landing door key to open the landing door and the car door to assist passengers to leave the car and close the hall door again.
It is worth noting that some elevator workers directly open the elevator’s inner or outer doors. Then lean on, and sometimes jump on the landing floor, which is very common in life. But this is a very unconscionable rescue behavior because the elevator stops at a position where it should not stop, indicating that the system has failed. Then if you open the door without shutting off the power, in case the elevator fails again, passengers will be in danger.

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