Home Elevator Features

  1. Various innovative design patent and maximize space savings.
  2. Easy to install and test.
  3. Long quality guarantee,Qualified with ISO9001-2000、ISO14000、CE certification and strength protection for safety.

Advantage for Home Elevators:

More energy saving and Environmental
Permanent magnet synchronous Door and Gearless Traction Machine,Small occupancy、Low Noise,Saving 50% energy compare to Asynchronous Door and Geared Traction Machine, Operational efficiency improve 25% more,Transmission efficiency improve 90% more,not only saving energy,But also improved the operating efficiency .

More comfortable
Innovative cabin structure,beveled edge Cabin Design and increase the weight of Cabin,Reduce the Vibration, Noise during the Run.
Using Integrated controller,make elevator running more smooth during start、run、stop。Increase the efficiency comfort,Bring comfort for passengers boarding experience.
VVVF Door Operator,it can effectively control the speed and torque, position and speed in real-time door monitoring, safe and reliable.

More Safe
Set up intercom system inside the cabin, getting in touch with outside under any circumstances any time
Elevator Optional UPS backup power supply, due to the power grid caused by sudden power outage shut down the elevators, UPS will automatically start the elevator to the best leveling position, and keep open state,to avoid locking people.
Infrared light curtain door system allows infrared elevator door form dense cross screens, keen to respond to any people and objects near the door area, to ensure that the lift does not clip people.

Technical Data


Home Elevator












Gearless Motor

Control System

Integrated Controller

Door Control


Opening Width(m)






Pit Depth (m)


Total Height(m)




Brake voltage




Home Elevator Specifications

Customization IconCustomization
We are very good at fabricating small shaft and can build an elevator according to your building requirements.

Strong Theme IconStrong Team
We have a strong research and technical team from Otis, Kone and have the best electricians.

Low Cost Maintenance IconLow Cost Maintenance
All our Elevator parts are famous brand which you can buy easily from the market. In this way, you can save Maintenance cost for your elevator and escalator as compared to others.

Quality Assurance IconQuality Assurance
2 years long Free Guarantee offered for Elevator and one year for Elevator parts.

After Sales Service IconAfter Sales Service
We have established relationship with local installation and after service so no need to worry about installation and after service.

Certification IconCertification
All main parts use famous brands with EN 81 certification, which means tested by high level technical people.

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    Hi. We re constructing a house that needs to be PWD friendly. May I request for a quotation for a 250-300kgs Home Elevator?
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    Thank you

    Claire Recinto

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